Dry needling needles

Dry needling needles with the best quality-price ratio on the market

  • Used for the treatment of myofascial trigger points.
  • Made of Japanese 18/8 surgical stainless steel thread.

  • Without a head and with a slightly longer and more rigid handle.

  • Silicone coating.
  • Polishing the tips by hand, not by machine.

  • Blister with paper back.

  • Ultrasonic bio-cleaning to remove all dust particles and grinding residue.

  • Sterilization using ethylene oxide gas , according to European standards ISO 13488/ISO 9001 .

  • Hygienic and safe heat-sealed container to protect the tip of the needle.

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This technique is used in physiotherapy to relieve muscle pain and contractures. It is often said that acupuncture needles are used to perform this procedure, but this is completely false and if you want to practice it properly, you must know exactly what dry needling needles are.

What is dry needling?

Before learning more about needles, let's talk a little about the technique in general. Its purpose is to eliminate muscle contractures through the stimulation of myofascial trigger points.

These points are described as super irritable nodules and are the cause of the patient's pain or discomfort. The needles are used to puncture these spaces to provoke spasmodic responses that will improve muscle function.

We must not lie, this technique is quite painful, however, as it is performed quickly, the pain is easily bearable for the vast majority of patients.

Are dry needling needles the same as acupuncture needles

Although many people usually use acupuncture needles to perform this technique, the reality is that dry needling is very different and requires different needles for the procedure to be adequate.

First of all, the needling performed in acupuncture is quite superficial, however, in dry needling it can be deep and this varies depending on the location of the muscle to be treated.

This means that the needles need to be a little longer, as well as their handle, so that the physiotherapist can reach even the deepest muscles.

As this technique is not based on traditional Chinese medicine, but on scientific and medical information, it is not necessary for the needles to be made of minerals with healing qualities. Stainless steel is the appropriate material for this type of procedures.

In our catalog you will find needles of different sizes, headless and with a long, rigid handle, which makes them easier to use.

What are the secrets of dry needling needles?

As we already mentioned, the size of the needle applied will depend on the position of the muscle you want to stimulate. This means that, the more superficial, the finer and shorter the needle will be.

For this reason, at novasan.com there are several sizes of needles for dry needling. You must remember that only those with the necessary knowledge can perform this technique. This is the reason why only physical therapists represent the personnel trained to choose the size of the needle and perform this technique.

Something very important is that this procedure must be carried out under conditions of total asepsis. This means that the needles must be sterile and disposable.

Poor hygiene can cause a significant condition, especially if the puncture is deep and the most distant muscles are affected. In these cases, a strong infection can occur that can alter the patient's general condition.

So now you know, dry needling needles are not the same as those used for acupuncture. Don't be fooled and if you decide to do this technique, find the necessary material here on our page.

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