Advantages of buying at Novasan

Advantages of registering with Novasan

Why register with Novasan?

Register in Novasan easily, quickly and enjoy the following advantages:


  • Reward Points Program*

By being registered you will accumulate points that you can redeem on your next purchases.

How do points work? Each €10 order will be 0.3 points and each full point will be €1. See how you can use your points here.


  • Discount coupons*

You will receive discount coupons for accumulating purchases with which you can obtain greater rewards.

The coupons will be for the sum of the euros of each purchase (cumulative), that is, the €5 coupon will be received when the accumulated purchase of €150 is reached and when the sum of €300 is reached, the €10 coupon will be received.

Purchased amount Discount coupon
150.00 5.00
300.00 10.00
500.00 15.00
700.00 20.00
1,000.00 50.00

* The points program will be available to registered generic users. If you belong to one of the associations with which NOVASAN has agreements, said agreements will apply to the registered client (see CEMETC, Practitioner's Register, COFENAT, SAME, Professional Associations, etc...)


  • Quantity Discounts

In addition to the points program, at Novasan you will also have quantity discounts available, the greater the purchase of a disposable product you will have a greater discount:

  • Acupuncture needles
  • Auriculotherapy thumbtacks
  • Individual suction cups
  • kinesiotape
  • Moxas and much more.


What other advantages does being registered have?

  • Recurring purchase and saved carts.

You can generate a recurring shopping cart so that you have your order ready in a single click and you only have to order the purchase.

Do you already know what you are going to order but can't place the order at that moment? Don't worry, registered users can save their carts to complete at any time.


  • Purchase history and order registration

We save your history in your account so you can consult it whenever you need and repeat similar orders.


  • Order registration

From here you can check the status of your orders and check the addresses and all the information you need. You will only have to visit the “My orders” section


  • Wish list

Create and edit wish lists with the products you like the most and access them from your profile. You will also be able to receive availability notices for the items you need if they are not in stock at that time.


Access agreements with MTC schools (CEMETC, EMVI, ISMET) and associations such as SAME, Practitioner's Register, COFENAT, Professional Colleges, etc...

If you are associated with an organization, ask us if we have a collaboration agreement. You can do it through: