Clinical and Healthy Material

Clinical and healthcare accessories

Everything you need to maintain a clean and protected healthcare environment for your patients.

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Surgical and FFP2 masks

Masks have become an essential accessory in our lives. They are of vital importance to prevent COVID-19 infections. It is very important that when purchasing them, you make sure that they are approved masks that comply with health standards.

Non-contact infrared thermometers

Range of thermometers and pulse oximeters for clinical diagnosis, as well as an element of prevention. As well as blood pressure monitors and stethoscopes at the best price.

Hydroalcoholic gel and disinfection products

Antibacterial and antiviral surface cleaners with quaternary ammonium derivatives or 70º alcohol-based.

Thermoinductive and magnetic belts

Within our selection of girdles you can find multi-use thermoinductive girdles of various sizes in addition to the Photon Platinum® tubular girdle.
That activates blood circulation, achieving a reduction in fatigue thanks to continuous micromassage. This belt is made of Photon BIP® microceramic and is ideal for muscle pain, circulation problems and sports training.


Pressotherapy is a non-invasive therapy with many benefits such as improving blood and lymphatic circulation, reducing fluid retention and cellulite, relieving muscle pain and relaxing the body. Additionally, it has also been used to improve recovery after surgeries and reduce inflammation.


Within this aesthetic section you can find:

  • Jade roller + Gua Sha sets for anti-aging massages and firming massages.

  • Facial rollers with 192 micro needles in two different sizes. These rollers allow micro-punctures to be made in the epidermal layer of the skin, thanks to which the absorption of the active ingredients of cosmetic products is promoted and the stimulation of collagen and elastin, substances responsible for the firmness and elasticity of the skin.

  • Maniquick Exfoliating Set: Go deeper into your facial skincare routine with this facial cleansing brush with four built-in face and body attachments.

  • Massagers: In this section you will find ergonomic massagers to relieve muscle pain, massage devices with different heads to provide anti-cellulite massages, hydraulic massagers to combat dark circles and eyestrain and for professional use, the Isentop RS-H024 with 5 speeds and the possibility alternating between cold massage and hot massage.


Are you an iridologist and are you looking for professional equipment to perform iris topographies? Analyze your patients' irises with our professional iriscopes and magnifying glasses. You can choose equipment like the Dino-Lite or if you prefer a more portable equipment without losing quality you can choose the Photoiris V4


Wide variety of diffusers so you can benefit from the properties of the essential oils you like the most. Pranarom diffusers with mp3, Bulle and Terpenic Labs diffusers for rooms of all sizes.

Ionizer vs ozonator.

An air ionizer is a household device that generates electrically charged particles with the function of eliminating elements present in the air of your home, such as: Viruses, bacteria, toxic particles, fungi, allergens and mites. Bad odors from tobacco smoke or food. Keep the air in your home or office free of bacteria with our ozonators and ionizers.


Heat patches, bamboo detox patches, Herbachaud herbal heat patches, EnerQi natural heat patches. Whether it is relieving muscle pain or complementing a detox plan for the summer, at Novasan we have the patches that best suit your needs. Buy HerbaChaud patches here, the heat patches best rated by Gesundheitstipp magazine

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