Acutomo Needles

Acutomotherapy, a novel acupuncture technique

  • Considered one of the great innovations derived from acupuncture of the last three decades.
  • The Acutomo needle is similar to the conventional acupuncture needle but thicker and with a tip similar to a screwdriver.
  • It is applied as therapy in chronic soft tissue injuries, mainly muscles and tendons.
  • Stainless Steel Acupuncture Needle with Aluminum handle.

The acutomo and the theory of acutomo medicine is considered one of the greatest innovations derived from acupuncture in the last three decades. Today you will learn about what this therapy is about and how to recognize and obtain the necessary material to perform it, among them, the most important thing: the acutome needles.

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What is the acutomo?

This is a technique derived from ancient Chinese acupuncture and modern medicine that is especially effective in the treatment of various chronic and difficult-to-treat pathologies.

Most of all, the acutome is a very useful technique to treat chronic injuries in soft tissues, that is, in muscles, tendons and some internal organs. This procedure is minimally invasive, so the discomfort caused to the patient will be practically nil.

Experts in this area know how to perfectly combine it with traditional acupuncture, moxibustion, tuina and, of course, conventional medicine. In this way, faster and more effective results are obtained.

What results are obtained with this treatment?

In acutomomedicine, the results are the best part. Many have been acupuncturists who have decided to perform this technique on their patients and, thanks to this, they have been loved by millions.

Patients who have received this treatment often talk about how quickly they begin to see results. In fact, the majority appreciates the results from the moment the acutome is practiced.

Acutomo therapy is recognized as an evolution of acupuncture, since thanks to this technique results are obtained that cannot be seen with the sole use of traditional acupuncture.

At we care about your patients as much as you do, therefore we recognize the importance and effectiveness of this method. In addition, we make sure to offer you the necessary material to carry it out: acutome needles.

Acutomo needles

In the 1980s, Dr. Zhu Hanzhang, also a specialist in acupuncture, decided to combine this technique with his medical knowledge and create a thicker needle and a tip similar to a screwdriver, in order to treat his patients.

This needle design allows me to enter difficult places, where the manifestations caused by chronic soft tissue injuries are appreciated. Basically, these lesions will generate a state of fibrosis and from there, other symptoms will begin to appear.

The best needles are those made of stainless steel, because these have greater resistance and precision. Therefore, all the needles in our catalog have these same characteristics.

If you want to get good results, you must recognize the importance of purchasing the correct needles. At we know this and for this reason, in our catalog you will find the best brands of acutome needles, thus ensuring the success of the therapy.

A good acupuncturist knows that the success of the therapy will depend on the quality of the materials used. Take a look at our catalog and find the tools you need to start performing aqueous therapy on your patients and demonstrate its good results.



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