Acupuncture Needles

The widest variety of acupuncture needles

  • All our needles are made of high quality surgical stainless steel under the European regulations ISO 9002/EN 46002, GMP and the Chinese Ministry of Health .
  • They can have the handle bathed in silver, copper or gold , and in the latter case both the handle and the needle have a complete bath in said metal.
  • Our star brands, ENER-QI and ACIMUT , have been manufactured in the Republic of China since 1952.
  • Its silicone coating and precise sharpening in "Punta de Trigo" allow needles without pain.
  • All our needles have the certificates required by current legal regulations and are reviewed by a guarantor technician at our facilities to guarantee their quality.
  • With the BEST PRICES on the market.

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Acupuncture forms part of traditional Chinese medicine and consists of the manipulation of needles and their placement at specific points on the body, all with the aim of curing or alleviating an ailment and restoring the total well-being of the person.

Acupuncture needles are placed in invisible points on the body where, according to traditional Chinese medicine , energy circulates. Organic problems cause that energy to be lost or to flow more slowly, unbalancing Ying and Yang.

Acupuncture is a widespread practice for thousands of years in Asian countries, but today it is practiced in all countries of the world, both in the eastern and western areas.

Acupuncture is a therapeutic method that has been used for thousands of years and, today, millions of people continue to use it to relieve their aches and pains. If you are a practitioner of this technique, then you must recognize the importance of finding the right materials and therefore, in our catalog you will find a wide variety of acupuncture needles.

For an introductory tour of the types of needles and their use, you can watch this webinar

Different materials for different patients

Nowadays, you can find needles made with different materials and this is for a very important reason, since each material has a different healing effect. Therefore, it is important that you choose the type of needle depending on the patient's discomfort.

Gold brings benefits to the nervous system, arteries, sexual energy and reproductive organs. In addition, it relieves rheumatic pain and coronary diseases.

Silver has anxiolytic, antibiotic and healing qualities. It also participates in the healing process and helps in the treatment of the thyroid.

Copper, in addition to eliminating negative energies that surround the patient, also relieves rheumatic, muscular and arthritic pain.

The most used needles in clinics are usually those made of surgical stainless steel, since these are of better quality and greater resistance.

In our catalog you will be able to find needles with different materials and thus you will have the freedom to choose the one that you think is most suitable for the treatment of your patients.

The secret is in the tip

Just as there are different materials on the market, you can also find acupuncture needles with different types of tips.

There are needles with "pine leaf" type tips, this finish gives them a little more resistance, however, the patient will feel the stitches much more painful than those made with another tip.

Those sharp needles type "wheat leaf" are the most indicated. They are not as resistant as those mentioned above, but they allow the acupuncturist to needle without pain.

All the needles that you will find at have this last finish. In addition, they have a silicone coating that allows them to penetrate the skin without causing pain or discomfort.

Hygiene above all

By this we do not mean that you should wash your needles or your hands before each session (although the latter is really necessary), we mean that it is important to choose needles that are completely sterilized.

If hygiene measures are not correct, the puncture site could become infected and bring complications to the patient.

To avoid all this, you must ensure that the needles you wish to purchase are completely sterilized and free of germs. This way your patient will not present any complaint and will return happy to the next session.

Our needles comply with current legal regulations and have been reviewed to ensure their quality. Therefore, we can guarantee that they are completely sterilized, ensuring the success of the treatment.

Go ahead and take a look at our catalog and choose the acupuncture needles that are most effective for you. If you want some advice, we recommend choosing our star brands ENER-QI and ACIMUT.

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