Warranty and return conditions


The Guarantee Certificate issued by NOVASAN is the purchase invoice itself, which guarantees the quality of the product, which covers, in the legally established terms, for a period of three years from the date of invoice (as long as the use be particular, for professional use NOVASAN gives a one-year warranty, since professional uses are exempt due to consumption).

If you have purchased a product and you are not satisfied, NOVASAN guarantees your money back, except in the cases where the warranty does not cover it or loss of warranty set out below. In those incidents that justify the use of the guarantee, the option will be to repair or replace the item, or refund the amount, under the legally established terms.

In the case of claims for possible incidents such as the product being delivered damaged, damaged, wrong, or for any other cause susceptible to a claim, NOVASAN is responsible for returning the money or replacing the product with another as long as it meets the return conditions. for defective products or products susceptible to claims indicated in the returns section.

The product warranty will not include:


  • Deficiencies caused by negligence, knocks, misuse or improper manipulation, unsuitable tension, incorrect installation or materials subjected to wear and tear due to normal use.
  • In the case of computer items, the warranty will not cover the removal of viruses, restoration of programs for this reason or the reinstallation of the disk caused by its deletion.
  • Books, DVDs, videos, CDs and other products that can be copied immediately may only be exchanged for other identical titles. Likewise, products that, due to their nature, cannot be returned will not be accepted, except in cases of defective merchandise.


Returns of special orders will not be accepted: products or devices in general requested from suppliers exclusively for the customer.

For hygiene reasons we do not accept the return of items that come into direct contact with the skin, such as girdles, knee pads, elbow pads, electrodes.

The guarantee will lose its value:

  • If any of the data on it or on the purchase receipt is modified, altered or replaced.
  • If both the identification number and the guaranteed device itself are manipulated or repaired without the knowledge of the Authorized Technical Service.



The return will be borne by the customer and will have 30 calendar days from the invoice date. Except in the case of defective products, incorrect shipments, incidents or any other cause susceptible to a claim, the period of which is 15 calendar days from the date of purchase invoice and where NOVASAN is responsible for the costs of collecting the product. .

In both cases , NOVASAN must be notified by telephone at +(34) 91 522 48 17 or (+34) 900 188 188. After both deadlines, NOVASAN is not responsible for any incidents.

A product may be returned as long as it meets the following conditions:


  • Has not been used. Damaged devices will be repaired or replaced, according to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • NOVASAN has been previously notified by telephone within the deadlines established for each case.
  • The product must be in perfect condition. It must be sent along with the manuals, accessories or promotional gifts included if applicable. In addition, it must be properly packaged in its original packaging and said packaging must not be defective.
  • Provided that a photocopy of the corresponding invoice is attached. The refund of the amount will be made preferably by bank transfer and ALWAYS after checking the status of the product by our technical department.


Item Return Process:

1. Check or verify your orders upon receipt.

2. Be sure to notify NOVASAN of the incident by telephone within the established period.

3. Check that all contents of the shipment meet the return conditions described above.

4. Select the return method that best suits you, clearly indicating the invoice number and the reason for your return.

a) Collection by NOVASAN. In this case, after carrying out all the corresponding procedures, we will apply a surcharge to the customer of €8 + VAT. This option will only be possible for the Peninsula and the Balearic Islands.

b) By regular mail, to our facilities at c/ Camino de Hormigueras 175 Nave 12 28031 Madrid.

c) In person at our facilities at c/ Camino de Hormigueras 175 Nave 12 28031 Madrid. Where additional conditions apply to ensure agility in the refund of the amount. Once the merchandise is received in our warehouses, and after checking its status, the amount will be refunded (preferably by bank transfer). Failing that, the amount may also be included in your customer account to deduct from future purchases.

Returns in our store:

Additional conditions (apart from those described above) that apply are:

  • The maximum amount to be returned in cash, without prior notice from the client, may not exceed €300.
  • For amounts over €300, a transfer will be made to your bank account or bank check.