Intradermal needles

Intradermal acupuncture is a technique widely used around the world, it was born in the mind of Dr. Akebane, who sought to find longer-lasting results for his patients. Today we want to tell you more about this method and help you find the perfect intradermal needles.

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What is intradermal acupuncture?

Traditional acupuncture is based on the fundamentals of stagnation, Zang-fu, ying and yang, excess-deficiency, among others and its puncture is vertical, short-lived and quite intense. Its results are quick but, in certain patients, short-lasting.
When we talk about intradermal acupuncture, we are talking about a very superficial, long-lasting puncture, which is placed tangentially to the patient's skin surface and which achieves slower and longer results.
With this method, the patient does not feel the stimulation of currents or “qi”, rather, this technique seeks to stimulate the energy function or the ashi points, which are recognized as painful points.
At we value those who practice this technique, which is why we take care of offering you the appropriate materials to perform it, ensuring your safety and the success of the therapy.

What are the benefits of intradermal acupuncture?

In addition to relieving the patient's pain and discomfort, like the traditional technique, intradermal acupuncture is practically painless. Patients will not feel pain and, most importantly, the therapy will be free of risks and adverse effects.
Those patients who have muscle or joint pain, low back pain, neuralgia or discomfort in sciatica or torticollis will find relief with this therapy. Also, intradermal acupuncture is an excellent treatment for anxiety, depression, nausea, and constipation.
The best thing about this technique is that many patients see results from the first therapy and these last a long time, so the relief felt is really prolonged.
Every good acupuncturist knows the benefits of this technique and makes sure they have the necessary material to perform it. More importantly, they know where to find the main tool of this therapy: intradermal needles.

How to recognize intradermal needles?

As we already mentioned, these needles are much shorter than traditional ones and generally measure less than 1cm in length. In addition, they are particularly fine needles, with a thickness of approximately 0.16 mm.
To facilitate handling, the head of these needles is rounded, resembling a ring. You will notice that in our catalog all the needles are presented with this shape.
Treatment with intradermal needles is prolonged, in fact, it can last up to 1 week. However, due to the shallow depth of the puncture, patients will not notice its presence.
It is important that the treatment is not performed in areas where the patient has freckles or scars, since the skin surface of these regions is affected and the treatment may not work the same.
If you decide to practice this type of acupuncture, we invite you to appreciate our catalog and find the intradermal needles indicated to perform this therapy. We assure you that if you prepare and have the appropriate material, all your patients will remember your name and will return for another session.

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