Novasan has become the largest distribution company of Traditional Chinese Medicine materials and instruments in Spain, specialized in acupuncture materials and articles.

Browsing our website you will find more than 1,000 references, distributed in 21 sections, with which we intend to satisfy 100% of our clients' needs.

Your support throughout all these years of NOVASAN's life, by maintaining us as its regular supplier of this type of products, has meant that we have positioned ourselves as leaders in this market in Spain. It is this confidence that makes us proud and forces us to improve day after day.

With this objective, and for those who still do not know us, we can tell you that for years at NOVASAN we have carried out an arduous task, which we continue year after year, of constant research and search for new products, both in the national and international markets. After a careful selection we present the best items, with the best quality-price ratio, striving every day to offer excellence in the service we provide.

Our own brands and this excellent selection of materials and instruments make NOVASAN, along with many other characteristics that we will show you below, for those who do not yet know us, a different company.

We offer our customers full quality guarantee in the manufacturing of our acupuncture needles. Our own factory has complied, for more than half a century (since 1952), with the European standards ISO 9002/EN 46002, GMP and the standards of the Ministry of Health of China.

With CE/0197 marking, our acupuncture needles follow strict quality control, which includes random testing of hundreds of needles from each batch, as well as biological and chemical tests that ensure their sterility, using only high quality and flexible raw materials - 18/8 surgical stainless steel thread. A process that makes the ENER-QI brand acupuncture needle the most used needle in the world, because it offers the greatest guarantees of health and quality.

Furthermore, within our acupuncture needles section the consumer will be able to discover other brands, aimed at customers loyal to other brands or formats of needles or tacks, such as HUAN QIU, ACIMUT, SEIRIN, ASP or PYONEX, with the same reliability as the brand. ENER-QI, NOVASAN offers hundreds of products aimed at the professional acupuncturist. On our Website you will find many other sections with more genres to choose from, given the variants and disciplines related to this branch. You will also find a complete section dedicated to Moxibustion, in which the client can opt for high quality moxa in all its variables, as well as innovative products that increasingly make their work easier. Likewise, in the electro-acupuncture and laser therapy section you will discover stimulators for all budgets and of all modalities - from the most basic to the most complete on the market -, perfect complements for advanced acupuncture.

Since 2010 we have opted for another of the increasingly booming sectors, at the request of our clients: manual techniques, aimed at physiotherapists, masseuses, kinesiologists... A sector committed to growth and advancement, which is why NOVASAN, a company that improves day by day hand in hand with its customers, expands this section year after year and offers this sector innovative, advanced, alternative and quality products.

We invite you to visit our website and discover hundreds of products, a very extensive library, beneficial healthy living articles... and those that you cannot find, we offer you the possibility of telling us about them in our suggestions section so that we can, in this way and if it is within our reach, continue to satisfy all the needs of our clients


We have permanent offers of acupuncture needles for all our clients. Simply request the amount indicated below and we will take care of sending you the corresponding gift boxes.

  • ENER-Q I Brand Acupuncture Needles :

For purchases of 10 boxes of 100 needles or more you will have a 10% discount.

For purchases of 10 boxes of 200 needles or more you will have a 10% discount.

  • HUAN QIU Brand Acupuncture Needles:

For purchases of 10 boxes of 100 needles or more you will have a 10% discount.

  • ACIMUT Brand acupuncture needles:

We have lowered prices and you can get 1 box of 100 needles for only €3 per unit

Our website is designed to compensate you with special discounts if you order large quantities of needles, although if you prefer, do not hesitate to contact our sales representatives at [email protected], who will gladly assist you to make you a personalized offer, designed for a larger volume of needles or any other type of products.

* Check out our very interesting offers for orders of 100 boxes or more of needles.

* Check our offers for other types of products such as metal or magnetic balls (7 of the same reference + 1). If you have doubts when requesting one amount or another to obtain greater benefits, contact us.