Cross tape pink Type A

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Brand Acutop
Color Pink
Material Acupuntura
Cross Tapes are part of different types of bandages that are characterized by not having medication and whose mechanism of action is based on the control of electromagnetic currents that pass through the skin, thus improving the functioning of different superficial and deep organs. The Cross Tape is made of 3-4 non-elastic tapes crossed in a specific direction and that help to improve body balance or specific body areas, and can be used to improve muscle function or acupuncture points. total 180 units
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Technical Details

How does the Cross Tape work?

The Cross Tape application protocol must always be the same:

  1. Peel off the patch with tweezers
  2. Aerate the patch to remove the electrostatic charge
  3. Find the point by slowly passing the patch over the skin and see if the patch vibrates or tries to stick as you do this. The reaction should be similar to the attraction reflex on human hair when approaching a turned on TV. The patch should go where you feel this feeling intensifying.
  4. If you are a beginner and you think you might get lost, outline the area with a marker
  5. Placement. Place the patch on the skin and rub the patch a little with your hand to finish fixing it.

When placed, you may feel cold or itchy that should not last long.

Its operation is based, among other things, on the stimulation or inhibition of trigger points and their influence on the body's electromagnetic flows.

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