Colaboradores de Novasan



The Center for the Teaching of Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded in Spain in 1978 and since then it has been dedicated to the training of acupuncturists throughout the national territory, Portugal and South America. The founder and general director of CEMETC is Dr. Antonio Carlos Nogueira Pérez, Acupuncturist, with a long clinical and teaching career.



Association of a professional nature and national scope whose objective is to unite, associate and create a body with all professionals practicing Alternative Medicines and Natural Therapies to increase their strength, presence and role in society.



Postgraduate Institute in Manual Therapy. It offers postgraduate training for physiotherapists taught by highly prestigious teachers.



Soria Natural was born in 1982 at a time when the Natural Medicine market in Spain was barely developed. It has a small factory for collecting and transforming medicinal plants. Improving people's quality of life is the reason for Soria Natural's existence.



The Higher Institute of Traditional Medicines was founded in 1992. It was created with the purpose of providing training in Natural Therapies so that students can become the best professionals in the areas they teach: Naturopathy and Homeopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, Techniques Manuals, Osteopathy, Wellness and Natural Aesthetics, Coaching and health, Personal growth and Energy Therapies.




CEMOS is the expansion of an educational project: Escuela MTCPalor , a school specialized in the study and training in pain management with integrative and participatory Chinese medicine. After two years of work, our students ask us for more and CEMOS (Center for the Study of Oriental Medicines) is born: a school that focuses on making the necessary (IN)training available to students and/or health professionals. to understand oriental medicines and their application in an integrative and participatory treatment





MeridiansPRO is a continuing training center for acupuncturists and Chinese Medicine therapists, with both in-person and online courses. We have a section specialized in training in women's health and infertility, as well as specialization courses in Yamamoto craniopuncture, umbilical acupuncture and Tung acupuncture among others.



ISMEC (Higher Institute of Complementary Medicine) is an international training school, patented in Spain, and specialized in online training, to help professionals in the universe of alternative medicine to grow with scientific knowledge about alternative therapies.


With almost 50 years of teaching experience, GRUPO THUBAN has specialized its training offer in higher degrees with university accreditation, mainly in the areas of Osteopathy, Naturopathy and Integrative Medicine.